Steel Erection

Whether it’s a small or large steel project, Stratford Crane has the machines that are perfect for setting steel. We also have operators who have the knack and love of steel erecting. With the right combination of operator and machine, your steel project is guaranteed will go smoothly.


A small bungalow or a supersized barn with a complex roof structure, we have the equipment and rigging to make it happen. As trusses get bigger, so has our line of spreader bars and rigging. As things progress our fresh line of equipment and rigging are sure to get your trusses up in no time.

Pools / Swim Spas / Hot Tubs

Is there access to your backyard? Do we need to lift over your house? Can we sit in your laneway? How much does your new spa weigh? The size of crane depends on the weight and distance we need to set your new purchase. Give us a call and we will have you wading in your backyard tomorrow!

Tree Service

Assisting with tree removal has earned us a respected reputation among arborists in south western Ontario. It takes a special operator to safely assist with tree removal and we have the operators and cranes for the job.


Being located in both an agricultural and industrial area means that millwrighting projects have always been one of our main areas of service and expertise. If you need the height to reach or the capacity to lift a heavy piece of equipment, we have the knowledge of how to get this done. Give us a call and we can think outside the box to make it happen!

Building Relocation

Small or large...shed, bin, or out building, the possibility of relocation is possible! Give us a call today and see what your options are.

Boat Lifting

Going into the water or coming out, we know your boat is precious to you. With many years of boat lifting experience, you can be sure your boat is safe with us.

Precast & Concrete

Setting precast requires a special knack. From light to heavy, with over 25 years in business we have the experience and rigging required to get your precast/concrete job done in a safe and timely manner.

HVAC Units

Quick lift, or big reach our services to the HVAC industry keeps us busy. Be sure to give us a call when something unexpected pops up, as we always do our best to fit you in ASAP. Don’t forget, we have the deck on our boom truck (8 x 20) and our trailer (8 x 30), so we can pick up, deliver, and place your unit. We will even take the old one away!

Tandem Lifts

Some lifts require using two or more cranes. These can be complex operations that require skill and planning. Our team of certified operators work as a great team and have the skill and competence to complete these complex lifts. Let’s brainstorm how to safely and implement your tandem lift.